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How Many Hits of Dank Vapes Carts to Get High?

The answer to this can vary from Person to Person. THC bonds with your cell receptors almost immediately when you take a vape hit. However, while millions and millions of THC molecules interact with an equal number of receptors, there is also residual THC that remains ‘floating’ in your system.

Every subsequent hit introduces more residual THC into the body. When the effect of the original THC wears off, these molecules take over and prolong the high. The more residual THC that is introduced after the first hit, the longer the sensation lasts.

Bear in mind that the exact length and intensity are very much dependent on your unique physiology.

The Heat (what temperature you vaporize at)
When you smoke weed you have no control over the temperature meaning you can’t use heat as a method to customize your high.

This is one of the biggest advantages I have found when using a vaporizer. I have provided some good temperature ranges to get you started. These will vary between devices.

Low temperature 350 – 375°F(176 – 190°C):
This is the flavor chasers area, you won’t be pumping out big clouds but the taste of terpenes will shine through. The high will be nice and light and is ideal for the morning or daytime.

Mid Temperature 375 – 400°F(190 – 204°C):
This area is a good place for most users, I vape my Argo on 400°F, adjusted a degree or 5, either way, depending on the strain. You still benefit from some good flavors within this range, but the high is intensified.

High Temperature 400 – 425°F(204 – 218°C):
Want to get a long-lasting intense high that sacrifices on flavor a little? Then this is the range for you.

Once you start to go beyond these heat levels you are flirting with combustion which means you are probably wasting your money buying a vaporizer.

It is worth noting that the Different heating types can have an impact on the usage temperature

Here is a handy little guide from explaining the temperatures at which certain compounds within cannabis are released.

How Many Hits of Dank Vapes Carts



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